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For the past two months in Belarus, the protests for the resignation of the President Alexander Lukashenko and for democratic reforms are ongoing. They began immediately after the preliminary results of the Presidential elections in early August. According to official data, the incumbent President Lukashenko won, but the numerous supporters of his main opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya started the protests in Minsk and other parts of the country the next day and demanded recognition of her victory and Lukashenko's voluntarily resignation. The protests continue up to this day.

Since the start of these large-scale protests, the global media and foreign states' attention, especially in Europe, was focused on the Belarus events. The Central Asian countries also actively monitored the situation in Belarus.
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The new publication "Discourses and Strategies for Solving Environmental Issues in Central Asia" was developed by Muslimbek Buriev on the basis of regional analytical platform. The research attempts to reveal the main environmental challenges, to analyze measures for solving environmental problems, as well as to identify successful cases and the main inadequacies of current regional programs.
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Kyrgyzstan's Post-election Crisis: Causes, Subtleties and Seeking Solutions
IWPR Central Asia and analytical platform organized the expert discussion on the post-election political crisis in Kyrgyzstan. Political scientists and lawyers from Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian countries discussed the aspects of the current acute political crisis and a legal way out of the situation.

During the discussion, the following issues were also considered: violation of the norms of the national law during October 5-6 events; the importance of the legitimacy of current events and decisions; possible risks and consequences of ignoring national law and options for overcoming the crisis.
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