IWPR Central Asia team continues to work in self-isolation and achieve its goals in developing analytics in the region and supporting media sphere in Central Asian countries. During quarantine, we apply new formats and tools for events and reports.
We are pleased to share our work with you, and inspire you to continue your personal development despite challenges.
International Online Discussion
The COVID-19 pandemic affected the healthcare systems of Central Asian countries. It also affected the key drivers of their economies: trade and remittances. Governments' responses vary in speed and scale, and their ability to protect citizens is a growing concern. At the discussion, the speakers examined the issues of external debt, the humanitarian aid distribution, the impact on regional cooperation and relations with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.
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Coronavirus in Central Asia
IWPR Central Asia is actively monitoring the situation in the region that has arisen due to coronavirus pandemic and the way it develops. Our authors and alumni of Schools of Analytical Journalism cover the way COVID-19 affected life of Central Asian countries. In their materials, they discuss topics and issues that are relevant in the current situation: from economic consequences to education system issues.
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New Formats
The digital journalism constantly develops, challenging online media to find new and interesting ways of covering news.
We present our first experiments on repackaging and media design of analytical articles and reports.
Why is it important in Kyrgyzstan to talk about violence against women?
"Last Word in New Media"

On May 26-29, CABAR.asia Media School held the four-day online workshop "Last Word in New Media" for media representatives and bloggers from the Central Asia. We explored new approaches for effectively engaging the audience and creating cross-platform content, including the latest trends in online media, such as podcasts, 360, VR/AR.
Online Marathon "AntiVIRAL video" on how to create caption video

CABAR.asia Media School held the second online marathon "Anti-VIRAL video" on creation of caption videos aimed at raising awareness of Central Asian residents about COVID-19 situation. In their videos, participants showed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on all aspects of people's lives, fight against disinformation and joint efforts to overcome the crisis.
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Online Reunion of Alumni of the CABAR.asia School
The online meeting took place amid the fight with the coronavirus spread in Central Asian countries and responding to problems caused by it. The participants, young journalists and analysts from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, exchanged opinions on this issue.

CABAR.asia continues to share useful tools and skills to make analytics accessible and understandable. This month, we held a series of webinars for journalists and bloggers from Central Asia with professional trainers from Ukraine and Ambassadors of CABAR.asia Media School.
5-Stan Podcast
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