Despite the holiday season, August was full of online events. Media School is ready for the new academic year: there were intensive workshops, expert meetings, podcasts, new publications, and, traditionally, the most relevant analytics on Central Asia. In this digest, we mark the end of summer and share the highlights of August.
A selection of the best articles of this summer:
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Online Training on Investigative Journalism
Online Training on Investigative Journalism
Since 2015, IWPR Central Asia is involved in development of journalistic investigation genre in Central Asian countries. Since then, various trainings and workshops with participation of local and foreign trainers are held every year for journalists from these countries. After the training, participants conduct investigations that are published by local media and on the website of the analytical platform

Due to the epidemiological situation this year, the training was held online, but the rest remained the same. The training was held during four days with participation of 20 journalists from four Central Asian countries.
Workshop on online education for teachers "E-Learning: Opportunities for Effective Communication"
Considering challenges posed by COVID-19 for the educational sphere in Central Asia, as well as taking into account the insufficient potential of the region's universities in using digital tools and building effective online communications, IWPR CA held a one-week workshop for teachers of journalism faculties.

The participants received knowledge and understanding of digital educational tools, their types and purpose, learned the basics of building an interactive lesson and effective communication via new media, studied the basics of using Google Class, Zoom, and the Media School platform.
Expert Meetings

"Online Education During COVID-19: Prospects of Developing Human Capital in Central Asia"
Under current conditions of uncertainty and digital agendas, the transformation of human capital is becoming an important aspect of the Central Asian countries' development. In this context, raising the level of education, adapting to new realities, acquiring new skills are the key factors in the economic and innovative development of the countries of the region. During the meeting, the experts discussed the current problems in the field of education, and outlined recommendations and trends for the Central Asian region.
Prospects for Kyrgyzstan in the context of COVID-19 and 2020 parliamentary elections
In 2020, Kyrgyzstan is going through two challenges: the global pandemic and parliamentary elections. On the one hand, a physical threat to hundreds of citizens, economic and social consequences, on the other hand, the forerunner of a new political cycle for the parliament.

How will these challenges affect the future of Kyrgyzstan? What will society and state learn from it? What will Kyrgyzstan chose in the autumn of 2020: recovery or stagnation?

The experts discussed these and other questions at the Esimde discussion platform, also providing their forecasts and recommendations.

The online discussion was held by the "Polis Asia" Analytical Center together with IWPR Kyrgyzstan and
Publications by IWPR CA
IWPR research activities in Central Asia are aimed
at detailed study of important trends and problems
that need to be solved.

In this section, we present a new policy brief:
"Renewable Energy Sources in Central Asia: What Should Be
on the Agenda Now?"
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